​Rock Around The Track 2021

5"x5" Photo Inkjet print collage 

Tamara Zibners
Tamara Zibners dissects fragments from a multitude of photographic images and combines them with drawings to create collages with vibrant blown-out colors ranging in themes addressing motherhood to pure abstraction.

Zibners says “I am working further from my reference point and closer to finding an absence of content, or a space where all meaning becomes whole. I intend to create an image where all the pieces are together so tightly and messily, that finally, finally, everything is in its right place.”  

Tamara Zibners was born in Carmichael, California. In 2004 she received her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz and her Masters in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico in 2011. She is currently enjoying working in her studio and caring for her child at the Roswell Artist in Residence compound in Roswell, New Mexico.

Shift 2021 5"x5" Photo Inkjet print collage 

Tamara Zibners, Mealk 2021 Inkjet Print Collage on panel 48"x48"

Close-up #74 2021 5"x5"

Photo Inkjet print collage 

You're the Thief 2021 5"x5"

Photo Inkjet print collage