Demetri Gassoumis: 1933 - 2015

Warehouse 1-10 is proud to present the works of Demetri Gassoumis a master of oil paint and a technician of magical light and elegant space: Gassoumis, born to first generation Greek immigrants in Oakland, California, was raised in the creative vitality of the Bay Area “art scene.” He was inspired by such painters as Rembrandt, the impressionists and Richard Diebenkorn, one of the inspirations the “Bay Area Abstract Painting Movement” and the “First Generation Figurative Movement.”

Gassoumis created works which brought color to its fullest potential with a natural elegance and ability to capture a journey for the viewer, whether a segment of a path or an abstracted view of the ocean. The viewer is teased by the beauty and mystery and left wanting to step into this world of magical color and texture. Gassoumis created color fields utilizing only four colors, Prussian blue, yellow ochre, Venetian red and white. Mixing color from this minimal pallet, saying, “it’s about moving the paint and capturing the light.” Gassoumis was able to blend and shift color into representational and natural abstractions, with interplay between the canvas, paint, light and strokes of genius. 

Gassoumis divided his time between California, New York and Hydra Greece.   

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