Door Opens at 6pm 

​​Saturday August 10, 2019  6pm - 9pm -

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Garrett T. Capps music falls in the category of psychedelic country, or “space country” as Capps is fond of calling it. His sound finds Capps pulling all of his musical interests together for a sonic adventure that is moody, atmospheric, danceable, thought-provoking, and, above all, generous and open-hearted, loose and ambling without sacrificing a bit of polish. 

Wolverton's brand of folk rock has elements of chamber pop, and sneaking cabaret/noir vibrations, especially in the dramatic delivery of the dual vocals and kaleidoscopic lyrical imagery. A basic, central sound of piano and guitar is fleshed out here and there by strings, banjo, theremin and other touches. Wolverton's musical influences seem to range wide, from roots rock and americana to broadway-style show tunes and classical flourishes.

Door Opens at 5pm 

Art Exhibition on View @ kind of a small array

​Wolverton’s Kate Terrell: Mystic Garden

Saturday August 10, Free Afternoon Events

@ Warehouse 1-10 

Kate Terrell, Dancer in the Dark

​​​​MUSIC on MAIN NM     Friday August 9 & Saturday Aug 10, 2019

Created in Collaboration with Hills Snyder of kind of a small array. 

A Two Day Curated Musical Event featuring five extraordinary bands: 
Wolverton, Paper Moon Shiners, Garrett T. Capps, Buttercup & Walter Salas-Humara. 

​@Warehouse 1-10  An intimate setting in the Warehouse 1-10 Garden. 

110 North Main Street , Magdalena NM 

Part of our Camp Chair event series.  (bring your favorite camp chair)  Limited Entry 

Paper Moon Shiners specialize in vintage songs and originals inspired by American music from the early twentieth century. Their old timey sensibility and vaudeville undertones command an infectiously entertaining evening with cracker blues, vintage jazz, swing, ragtime American roots and folk. Whether surreal and funny or Operatic and sad, their music from another time conjures up over-crowded speak-easys, dust-bowl medicine shows and Mississippi Delta juke joints.

Buttercup is a life-affirming art-rock band from Texas that has written hundreds of original songs that NPR calls “jangly art rock for the left side of the brain.”  Since 2004, the band has released 8 full length recordings and a DVD documentary.  Their special blend of creative performances that incoporates visual art, performance art and installation has led their fan base, the “Buttercult”, to expect the unexpected.

 Friday August 9, 2019  7pm-9pm

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Art Exhibition on View @ Warehouse 1-10


Noon to 3pm   A series of 30 minute performance by local musicians

Featuring ; 

SOCORRO DRUM TRIBE  Join Drum Tribe in a participatory drumming session or just listen to the pulsating beat. Bring your own drum, Congo’s Bongos & Rhythm Makers or use one of Drum Tribes Drums. 

Classical Cello by GABY VOCELLO, Modern Folk by TORIE PETERSEN, Jazz Sax by TOM HUNT and a special appearance by NINA TOLENTINO and TRIO ROMANCE 

Walter Salas-Humara imbues tunes with a slightly grass-worn, wandering Western vibe and a relaxed and open-ended ambience. His tunes teem with a bounty of hooks and grooves that never distract from his musical portraits of marriage, memories, mornings, and women. Packed with storytelling smarts, tuneful but not push-button perfect structures, and never hosting over-the-top or ill-rooted guitar work, the songs offer authenticity and austerity. His deft touch and ability to jet from empty apartments and the Zodiac to even the sun-swollen land of Marrakesh in just a few minutes reveals his knack for effective montage.