Installation view: Paintings by Michael K. Bisbee Paintings, Sculpture by Judy Richardson. 

Michael Kotel Bisbee Untitled 2020

Oil on Canvas 34" x 24" Oil on Canvas

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Michael Kotel Bisbee
 Michael Bisbee’s paintings and sculpture speak of duality and duplicity:  The natural form and the abstract form, which logic should we follow?  These paintings make us believe in the power of both, and make us want to listen to the conversation between the two.
The paintings are made with discordant elements, as if natural features in the landscape are sliced into layers and placed on different planes within the same painting, in a division between sky and ground. The element of the undulating line is an element  that casts a spell, the motion of the snake charmer floating above and sometimes mirroring or trespassing into the contrasting field below. 
Bisbee chooses his formal elements with great care, and arranges them on his canvases with the consciousness of an artist well-versed in Modernism and Abstraction, an artist who thinks deeply about how that history is reflected in his work.

Michael Kotel Bisbee is an artist born in California, raised in Massachusetts, and currently living in rural New Mexico who works with sculpture, painting, photography and video. He has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts / Mid-Atlantic Fellowship, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, and an Artist’s Space Project Grant. His work is in collections of the Hirshhorn Museum, the Nevada Museum of Art Center for Art + Environment, Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation, Creste Foundation and private and corporate collections. His solo exhibitions have been reviewed in ARTnews, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the Chicago Tribune.  Other exhibitions have been reviewed in Welt am Sonntag, Washington Post and THE Magazine, among others.
Judy Richardson

Additional work

Michael K. Bisbee, Untitled 2021

Photography and Drawing

8"x4.75" framed 

Michael K. Bisbee, Untitled 2021 Photography and Drawing  

8"x4.75" framed