LAURA SCHWAMB currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
She works in Video, Photography, Neon, and Drawing and has been shown at the Jacobson Howard Gallery, New York - Gen Arts Festival, New York - Gale Gates Gallery, Brooklyn - Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn - Creative Time, New York - Rhizome, New York The Tangent Gallery, Detroit - Learning to Love You More, Eindhoven, The Netherlands - The Center for Performance Research - 49B Studios during Bushwick Open Studios - Warehouse 1-10 Gallery, New Mexico.

Initially spending a year in Indiana studying Theology, Language and Fine Art at Taylor University, she continued a focused art training for six months at Minneapolis College of Art and Design before moving to Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies where she spent the next three years immersed in intensely scheduled art training.

She documents personal situations and also creates work in search for peace, quiet, solitude.