Upcoming Music

Friday, June 28, 7 pm

Door opens 6:30

 Reminiscent of Music on Main (2019)
Warehouse 1-10 in Collaboration with

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Three Bands One Evening 

We're bringing back the hottest West Texas touring bands BUTTERCUP, who NPR calls “jangly art rock for the left side of the brain” and GARRETT T. CAPPS with NASA COUNTRY “An unconventional new sound in country music, one that mixes the electronic, experimental hum of Kraftwerk with the cosmic hippie twang of Doug Sahm.” --- Rolling Stone. And for the first time SUNJAMMER. Hotter than Lone Star asphalt in July, San Antonios's new charred county rock posse. 

 At Warehouse 1-10, 110 Main St. Magdalena, NM 
Keep the flow: Buttercup’s 4th and Garrett’s 2nd performance in Magdalena!

$25.00 at the door

Reservations recommended

575 517 0669 / 210 473 9062

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May 4 through July 27, 2024 

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In community the following day!

Hills Snyder
Magdalena Drawings

This exhibition is an extension of explorations made mainly in two bodies of work, Altered States (2016, ongoing) and Your Nowhere is My Somewhere. See You There (2017) combines Snyder’s ‘70s and ‘80s labor-intensive ways of drawing with the minimalist one-line style he developed in the ‘90s.

The Magdalena drawings are based on locations in the New Mexico town Snyder moved to 2017- 19. These drawings exist somewhere between representation, quantum fantasy, and sheer love of drawing, perhaps implying that the center of the universe may be found anywhere.

​Current Exhibition and Upcoming Music 

ART Magdalena Weekend 

Warehouse 1-10 is pround to present 

Three Solo Exhibitions   

Sarita Johnson | Estelle Roberge | Hills Snyder 

Estelle Roberge
The Book of Cranes

The Book of Cranes was one of two projects Estelle Roberge found solace in during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The content included my observations of wildlife at a nearby bird refuge which I frequented. I found myself drawing birds, photographing them, especially cranes and images of dancing cranes emerged. Slowly, I felt a renewed sense of well being. I traversed between inner voices and outer observations when frequenting the nearby refuge. When I returned home, I felt uplifted, like having visited a friend. Along with observations and gestures of birds in flight, I read "The Birds of Heaven", "Crane Music", and watched numerous films of cranes. Thus, two artist books evolved: "The Book of Covid: Unbound" which led to "The Book of Cranes" through which I found balance and creativity during a very insecure time” 

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Sarita Johnson
The Donkey in Albany
A graphic novel

 My wife, Susan Alexander, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a bone marrow cancer) on August 3, 2010. The doctors gave Susan a prognosis of six months to a year to live. That’s when I started the drawings that would fill several sketchbooks and eventually become the graphic novel The Donkey in Albany, the first chapter of which is on exhibit here. The book chronicles Susan’s first year with multiple myeloma from diagnosis, early treatment, through bone marrow transplant, as well as what it was like for me as her witness, wife, and caregiver.