In the case of Zelt's art, her constructions fascinate with their physical immediacy where things are brought together  – fabrics, graphic images, handmade paper, wood, pigmented marks, and stitchery  –  into structures with suggestive titles that offer clues to their origins while inviting free associations. The results will take the viewer, who gives them a little time, to where they have not been before. " Wesley Rusnell, Former Curator Of Collections, Roswell Museum. 

"Martie Zelt's long search toward artistic expression has relied on memory, and experience, for impetus.  With that driving force, she has coaxed recollection and emotion into visible form, and the rewards awaiting the visually receptive viewer are considerable. The age-old saw that says we are all makers and poets when looking at physical objects still applies:  the act of looking is unavoidable interpretation. 

Warehouse 1-10 is proud to present the work of Thomas Cates, artist and co-founder of THE LAND/ an art site, gallery, and residency program in New Mexico, instrumental in the Land Art Movement. Cates’s art practice influenced the direction of THE LAND as a place for environmental exploration and discovery. 

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Dear Friends, 
Due to Covid -19 our 2020 exhibitions will take place online until further notice. Warehouse 1-10 will continue to promote and support artists especially during this difficult economic time. Work can be purchase over the phone by credit card or check.
We look forward to welcoming you at the Gallery once this time has passed. 
Our hope is that you and your family are safe and well.
Catherine & Athena 

Thomas Cates

Paintings, Collage and Prints 

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His practice includes printmaking, collage, painting, drawing and sculpture which is often informed by discovered objects such as ancient Pueblo pot shards or ocean tumbled brick fragments repurposed into sculptural totems. Cates creates a relationship with his found objects, developing a reverence for their existence and a dedication to bringing them back to life in a new form.

This is also evident in his collage work created from bits of previous mark making and collected remnants to form something new. Cates paintings and collage work incorporate the liner pattern found on the surface of the pot shards. He references memory much like Zelt, who takes inspiration from emotional memory, whereas Cates takes inspiration from the past lives of objects that carry their own mystical vibration.

This exhibition features a broad selection of Cates’s work from his project Reverse Archaeology to his recent return to painting. In his words, “My work shown here at Warehouse 1-10 represents a return to painting, drawing, and printmaking that is less directed by external stimulus. An unencumbered approach that allows me to concentrate on visual fundamentals. The goal is to create something meaningful. Something that has its own special frequency.”

As we prepared for this exhibition Thomas and his wife Edite Cates, artist and co-founder of THE LAND embarked on a three-month traveling residency originally meant to take them across the Pacific North West. Upon their arrival in Washington State the Country went into lock-down due to Covid-19. Warehouse 1-10 will feature a podcast with them in the coming weeks to explore how the pandemic has affected their lives and art making. 

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 Martie Zelt  


Mixed Media, Prints and Construction

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Warehouse 1-10 is proud to present the work of Martie Zelt. Her constructions are presented in two compelling segments; works completed in 2020 and works pre-2020. Zelt makes this distinction because she feels something has shifted in her latest work “it’s coming from a different place”. Visually they are looser in construction and form or “messier” as Zelt remarks. Zelt feels this is coming from the messiness of aging and the way in which she processes past memories. She says it could be coming from a place of “holding onto life”. 

The 2020 pieces were all created through a process of deconstructing earlier work some of which were from the 70’s and 80’s and constructing the parts “to form something new”. The work carries a part of Zelt's past into present day. The constructions from Pre-2020 include some of Zelt's most important work.   

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Warehouse 1-10 is proud to present the work of Martie Zelt and Thomas Cates. ​The connection between theses two artists is that of a mentor and student. Cates studied with Zelt while she taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in the 70's. The experience created a lasting impression for Cates as well as an enduring friendship.